Moving ahead – tutoring and more

The aim of taking the Digital Education course was to find a way to combine my two loves – software development and teaching. The first, amazingly full semester of the course has shown me several things. Firstly, there’s a lot out there that we don’t learning in our teacher training that could be applied to the classroom and the online learning environment. Secondly, that I miss teaching, and that I want to be able to return to the parts of teaching that I loved – helping students to love the process of software development.

It’s with this in mind that I’ve decided to move to a part-time basis for the rest of the course, to enable me to start to build the resources and contacts I will need to run this as a business.

I intend to start by developing a full GCSE course which will be available to students working with me – and early students will gain access to all resources as they are developed. These resources will be created with reference to current research thinking on learning design and will be available so students can work independently in addition to their paid tutoring time.

All in all, this is going to be an exciting period in my life. Keep following me for updates as they happen.

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