The Student Life

Since I started my MSc in Digital Education, life has been a bit of a whirlwind.  I’m not the most intrinsically motivated person, even when I actually want to do something, so the whole self-directed learning thing has been interesting.  However, I’ve finally got a routine that’s mostly working for me and I’m keeping up with my work and getting some exercise, which is a pretty good place for me.

The course has been mentally very challenging – getting me to question not just my opinions on education, but on life in general.  The habit of critical analysis is one that is swiftly becoming ingrained, and it’s something that isn’t always easy to deal with when you’re always looking for one right answer.  Again though, I’m learning a bit of compromise.  There can be a good enough, well evidenced answer instead.

I feel I’ve already developed a load of skills in the past few weeks, and am looking forward to seeing the changes in me at the end of this process.

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